1. What are the benefits of the industry registration certificate?

  • They benefit from the VAT Postponement-Cancellation procedure for goods deliveries on the condition of export
  • They pay their electricity bills at the Industry Subscriber Tariff.
  • They are advantageous in determining the local bidders included in the Public Procurement Law.
  • They indirectly provide job opportunities.
  • They benefit from the support provided by public institutions and organizations.

2. Attention! 10 person obligation has arrived!

  • As a result of the regulations made, 10 People Required for the elevators. It was explained that the number of people in the AVAN Projects and the space calculations should be paid attention to.

3. What is an industrial registration certificate?

  • It is a document that is given to industrial enterprises, which are evaluated within the scope of the 1st article of the Industrial Registry Law No.6948, to enterprises that continuously and serially repairs, and to large construction sites such as power plants that produce electricity or other energy, shipbuilding, and must be obtained within 2 months from the date of the establishment .

4. What is Module G certificate?

  • Module H Certificate (Unit Verification) is the process of ensuring and declaring that the elevator that is placed on the market and has the certificate of conformity mentioned in paragraph 4 of this Annex meets the requirements of the Regulation. The installer of the lift must affix the CE conformity mark to the car of the lift and draw up an EC declaration of conformity.

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